Blue Moon – Caskey lyrics

Lyrics Blue Moon – Caskey

Blue moon lyrics
I look at the light and feel like my life
is some type of parody
God really playin’ jokes on me, he bring the wins so close
And they turn out like old homies, when
it’s tough, they get ghost
Ghost stories, the trouble always show up
when the hope formin’
Thank God I done weathered so many storms,
I’m ready with no warnin’
Now I got a lil fame, the beef on the way,
so I keep it George Foreman
Tryna wake up to my girlfriend for some more mornings, yeah
I don’t wanna die, but death sure got it out for me
Wish I could’ve .. my life through some type of alchemy
Instead, I’m 23 floors up, at the Palms suite,
stuck on the balcony
If I drop to the flo’, who’s lookin’ out for me
Who gon’ make sure my mom and my girl straight
Make sure that they Rollies got pearl face
Who gon’ make sure my nephew ain’t gotta stress
And don’t end up seein’ the world late
Who gon’ make sure my sister got her a tribe
Someone who really there by her side
All she gotta do is send me a text
There ain’t no question if I’ma ride

I don’t wanna die too soon
Life’s hard, but it’s good once a blue moon
I don’t wanna die too soon
Life’s hard, but it’s good once a blue moon

That’s because it’s just the way it has to be
It’s been a long time comin’,
they’re comin’ ’round for me
I just up the speed, yeah, high velocity
Out here, tryin’ to free

[Verse ]
Myself from the chains
That constantly keep me from my elevation and change
I waited in vain for someone to save me
And pick me up outta the rain
What’s keepin’ me sane
Nothin’ but lookin’ back and seein’ how far we done came
And all of these vices I know that we gaineddd

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Blue Moon – Caskey lyrics
Blue Moon - Caskey
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