Blood bath – Shy Glizzy lyrics

Lyrics Blood bath – Shy Glizzy

Blood bath lyrics
They know that talk .. throat
They know that’ll spill she ain t talkin double cup
My little nigga 15 and all he see is blood
And all he see is blood

[Verse 1: Shy Glizzy and Pressa]

[Shy Glizzy]
You got a body oh wow
Murder for hire pow pow
Big dog I’m no little Bow Wow
I’m here to take you out for some thou ous

Take him down we need that (need it)
Murder caught on camera we gon watch a recap
You lose and you gone bitch there ain’t no rematch
You see the packs flying through so shoutout the mailman

[Shy Glizzy]
But though the mail we send him straight to hell
Hit you with that one hand I feel like Odell
They try to give me the death penalty i’m not gon’ tell (No No)
I’m returning all my enemies that’s fucking real

They don’t like me but they gon’ have to fuck with it
We put that fire on a nigga like a arsonist
I keep my circle select and always one in the head
You see my lawyer Anthony I highly recommend death

[Shy Glizzy]
What s up hoes don t make me put this pump to your fucking dome
Make ya home and I got my Michael Myers jumper on
She say come on told her ok baby I won’t take too long
Uh oh this bitch damn went crazy won t leave me alone

Aye Glizzy Boy why these niggas cappin they ain’t really slime
Walk past my nigga a shooter call him 35
Caught a rack tryna’ sell it faster than a apple pie
Gangland remember dat I tell you Wassas never die

[Shy Glizzy]
Dollar signs (Ching ching) All the time (All the time)
And all the dimes they fall in line
Won’t never do no snitchin Nuh uh no sir
These niggas they be bitches I’m talkin muy ..
(Young Jefe Holmes)

[Outro: Pressa]
They know that talk .. throat
They know that spill she ain’t talkin double cup
My little nigga 15 and all he see is blood
And all he see is blooddd

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Blood bath – Shy Glizzy lyrics
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