Blk xn blk – scarlxrd lyrics

Lyrics Blk xn blk – scarlxrd

Blk xn blk lyrics
Black on black gon’ cover my limbs
Back on track still goin’ sick
Buy some tatts that cover my skin
Gotta get high can’t feel like shit
Fill my eyes and see a kid
I ain’t gotta try I won’t fit it
Snap on track I’m taking the piss
There’s not a mic on Scarlxrd bitch

God you make me wanna throw up

Kick in the door yeah I want more
I had to get it I really got bored
People escort up to the door
Talking’s irrelevant moving is all
I need a war been there before
One with the elements running is core
Hiding the cure running my jaw
What would I miss I’m droppin’ it all

What will they think I’ve changed
My tats way back I don’t wanna switch lanes
The king has come back and dropped a test
And made himself a price and doubled his grave
Comin’ from the smallest of places
Gotta spit facts and they hate it
Gotta log off of the matrix
Livin’ my life like I made it!

Live in my own pain
Move in stealth won’t see me coming
Bust a lethal with impair
Can’t go nowhere I’m still taking fast
The reason I’m on track
I stay beamin’ gettin’ fuckin’ done
My massive to the crest
All this shit I think is fucking low

Laughter these niggas givin’ me laughter
Scarlxrd so hard so they axe us
Statements will come in the letter
If this shit changes adapt uh
Think of the shit to attract uh
Even in global disasters
I was still getting my racks up

Sittin’ in the front
Get up on my level or shut up
Sip a [?] with your [?]
Yeah I’m never messing with a nug
Never need attention from above
Yeah I get attention with the love
Trippin’ up the pressure of the club
Need a new dimension when I run
Yeah I’ma invent ’em where I want
They never try to spit along
Go chat to a phone you bitches
You make me wanna throw up

Okay I’m doneee

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Blk xn blk – scarlxrd lyrics
Blk xn blk - scarlxrd
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