Believe – Youngboy NBA lyrics

Lyrics Believe – Youngboy NBA

Believe lyrics
My voice ain’t right but I’m gonna speak some real shit
I ain’t really tripping

Four million dollars I done made, and just got one to show from it
Where we come from they’d be amazed the way we looking like money
I ain’t have none back in them days, I was tryna come up on some
Times have changed, I ain’t never change I blow they minds how I’m stunting
Thank God I made it, spent a lot lot of money on a brand new Patek Philippe
I done graduated, bought moms a house ain’t shit they could tell to me
I ain’t never have to fake it, while do for them nobody took care of me
They ain’t never believe, I turnt up and now they seee

Believe – Youngboy NBA lyrics
Believe - Youngboy NBA
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