Basketball – Lil Savage lyrics

Lyrics Basketball – Lil Savage

Basketball lyrics
I play basketball
At school and a team
I think of it in class
Wishing i could break the glass
I think of it at home
Trying perfect my speed
So i can drive the ball
And pull up with a 3
I love basketball
Its always in my dream
People say i’m short
But i always succeed
I pull up with a 2
At school and da pool
I love to take layup’s
I’m sweating like crazy
I am a team player
I pass the ball to my team
I am only good
Cause my dad taught me
He taught me how to step-back
He taught me how to a 3
He taught me how to get low
As if we were in 2-3
He taught me how d
He taught me how to jump high
To get rebounds from the sky
He taught me how to boxout
To let my guy out
I love basketball
I know i’m super tall
There’s no stopping me
Basketball is my life
Basketball is my wife
I love to get assists

By passin the ball they don’t brick
I love shooting too
I hear screeching shoes
They try to shoot there shot
Next thing they know they got blocked
Basketball is my life
Although i get fouled left and right
Mostly at the park
Where it is very dark
I also play outside
Shooting 3’s till i die
I play in many games
Building stamina
At the end of the day
My muscles are loose and waved
My only only hope and dream
Is the NBA
And hopefully
I be a starter ggg


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Basketball – Lil Savage lyrics
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