Ban drill – Krept lyrics

Lyrics Ban drill – Krept

Ban drill lyrics
Banning drill you’re making the situation worse
Might as well give them life or put them in a hearse
‘Cuh he could’ve been rapping
But now he’s still packing
A big gun for when his oppositions come clapping
It’s a lose-lose for him
I’mma keep it real he get shot he going pale
He shoots him he going jail
Where we’re from you know how hard it is to better yourself
Upper class won’t understand ‘cuh you inherited wealth
No opportunities this is our community
Maybe you should help here instead of all the scrutiny
There’s a knock-on effect for this shit you wanna ban
Let me paint you a picture so you dummies understand

[Verse 2: Konan]
Hi my name is Jaden everybody calls me Jay
I’m fifteen I’m from a poor block round the way
My mum tries her best to put food on my plate
My life’s okay I go to school everyday
Sometimes I gotta go to school with no lunch money
But I get it she ain’t got it I still love mummy
But now she got a extra job
It’s not great though but I guess it’s extra gwop
Look mummy weren’t home I started staying out late
I started hanging out with people from my estate
They all had fresh clothes everybody looking paid
They all sell drugs said they’ll teach me the way
Started trapping on them man now I swear
Yeah I’m fifteen with a couple thousand to spare
Feds raided my house and found all of the gear
Got nicked went jail but I’ll be out in a year
When I came out of jail all my friends had beef
So I guess I’m involved that’s the rule of the streets
That’s how it goes where I’m from
You touch him you touch me
And these are my friends but it’s a gang to police
Why’d I get involved guess I’m young and I’m dumb
Out of jail couple months already bought me a gun
I’m a good kid at heart but the beef keeps spiralling
I guess I’m a product of my environment

[Interlude: Konan & Policeman]
Ah fuck is that feds?
Don’t move armed police armed police put your hands on the steering wheel now

[Verse 3: Konan]
I got nicked again ’cause I gripped a skeng
I started rapping in jail so I gripped the pen
Every single nigga in the jail rates the bars
And when I land road they said that I gotta go hard
I keep writing the verse while I’m riding this bird
Tryna get my appeal now I’m out on the third
Then I started selling spice the whole jail got word
Then I came from education and my cell got searched
Got caught with a phone I’ve just come from the block
New kid in the jail but he’s one of the opps
Already got the drop it’s only been a couple hours
When he comes in the wing then we get him in the showers
And I won’t even learn but I’mma get him for the bros
‘Cause I know they’d do the same thing if I was on the roads
Don’t worry ’bout the govs ’cause they’ll turn a blind eye
All my bros heard the news know it’s on the timeline
Years go by and I’m only getting older
Getting less letters visits get slower
Music on my mind my release getting closer
Swear I can’t wait ’til it’s over

[Verse 4: Krept]
Now I’m back on road I put the trap on hold
I’mma focus on the rap ‘cuh man can blow
We started dropping these bangers these tracks were cold
Now I’m watching my fanbase grow
They took my videos down said it’s too violent
I can’t do a show it’s getting stopped by Trident
It’s slowing down my income they’re tryna ban drill
Now my bus’ dying it’s hard to get a deal
I dunno how to feel I got away from the streets
‘Cause this rap shit helped keep me away from the beef
Now money’s low I gotta get back on my feet
Now I’m back selling drugs ’cause a nigga gotta eat
I’m back trapping day-to-day I got a baby on the way
I told my girl “be patient I promise that I’ll make a change
Babe you know I tried this rappin’ shit but the feds got me back in shit”
Now I’m chilling on the block y’know licking out them shots
Save as much money so I can eventually stop
But I gotta be on point ’cause the beef’s still on top
Too late ’cause them niggas got the drop
There’s a car pulling up ah fam I’m fucked
I’mma try run but they caught up
Can feel the knife sharp in my gut
My body collapsed it’s hard to get up
“Wagwan fam remember me from the can?
Shoulda stuck to rapping” – they said it as they ran
But little did they know that was all part of the plan
Holding my stomach blood on my hands
Paramedics trying I know I’m slowly dying
They’re tryna keep me breathing my mum’s here crying
I can see the pain she prayed for me still
I can feel my heart coming to a standstill
Feds asked who’s responsible I just kept it real
I said “Whoever banned drilll”

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Ban drill – Krept lyrics
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