Backseat of the Rolls Truck – BIG30 lyrics

Lyrics Backseat of the Rolls Truck – BIG30

Backseat of the Rolls Truck lyrics
Backseat of the Rolls truck keep pouring up
pint damn near empty
Mo’ drank that I pour up the deeper I get in
my feelings
Close range back of the skull
I lost Lil Geno accidently

No opp can say they did it pussy gettin killed
cause he mention
This rap shit just a image gotta know that im
still spinnin
Never pay for a hit 30 get active with them
He thought this shit was sweet and fell a
victim to this glizzy
Free Preston out the feds they gave him 10
cause niggas snitchin
He gotta go that’s on my nigga
One opp so little when he die he get smoked
out a swisher

Certified in these streets I get shit done we
push the issue
Can’t bring that shit to Cali im out here
strapped with a millennium
Im extra drop a bag on your head, kill you,
then buy myself a tesla
Keep hollerin’ im a rapper say that same shit
to detective
Chopper gang that’s for life pussy go to war
with the devil
Write that over my hearse next to ksbg
AR-15, Glock 19, 7.62 etc

Never caught no corona cause everyday
sipppin medical
I’m booked up on the weekened but hitting’
they block in my schedule
Got pins on glock bump stock AR’s this shit
could send us federal Gucci shoe,
Gucci sock, gucci belt with the
Gucci letterman

Boy you aint really trappin heard you got rich
off a settlement
Lotta niggas don’t like me they just with me
cause they scared of me
Shiest told me to move tighter watch out for
envy and jealousy
They hate me cause im winning lord

Staying dangerous everyday forgive me as im
sinning lord
A’int too many niggas blessed like me and
they still spinning lord
Said aint too many niggas rich as me hop out
with semi’s lord
How they did that last boy remind me of my
last kill
Pussy pulled that stunt in 2015 on his ass
Snuck 20 percs up on the plane and the
bottle say advil
Flew the set to call we went too ham on that
last drillll

Backseat of the Rolls Truck – BIG30 lyrics
Backseat of the Rolls Truck - BIG30
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