Baby – DjtheReal lyrics

Lyrics Baby – DjtheReal

Baby lyrics
Yea look baby
This relationship shouldn t be havin me stressing
Im bout to go back to my old day back when i was finnessing

Yea you was my everything thoughts of a wedding ring
Now i m drowning in tears wondering where that love went
You left a dent in my heart now i got hella hoes hitting my line
I can t believe we re apart thought we d last forever
U were clever having me look stupid
It was like cupid gave me the love spell
Feel like im in a cell u really fucked up

Now I m in lockup and I ain t getting out
U was only wit me for clout
Ain t nobody gonna bail me out
I thought we worked it out
But yo sister messed it up
Now im blowing up without you
Now niggas wanna be me and you feeling saltyyy

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Baby – DjtheReal lyrics
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