Ay caramba – M24 lyrics

Lyrics Ay caramba – M24

Ay caramba lyrics
Ay caramba got some big batty gyal with bumper
I let her leave with my kids in her mouth no I never let her leave with my jumper
Spark that shit like thunder burn man’s bro like gunja
I wonder I wonder how many opps got done last summer
Bang that shit I’m a drummer I’m a young president where I’m from Obama
What a bummer he should’ve turned pack like his brother
Sucker sucker you know all the pies come Pukka
GB’s nearly turnt him pack as well what a lucky fucker
Brown one she a dirty ucker can’t lie she’s criss like Tucker
Bare opps get spread like butter nutter slap don’t left that cutter
Run man down with smoker’s lungs I’m really upfront like Salah
Show them skill now they’re doing up legs like Farah
Getting loved by some boujee bitches lifes kind of changed
And I don’t even know how the boy turnt pack it’s kind of strange
I done it in a fuck off Range I’m pissed that I never got to add that K
ST got blammed in his face silly and then he got blammed again
Get back ’cause we got down Jojo get back ’cause we got *****
And they ain’t done shit for the friend all now he’s ashamed
We scored points they claim but we gave it to them for the undies sake
Bro back-backed it and slapped it right in front of the undies faces
Buss that case no evy evy press that off get shelly shelly
Head chest back and belly belly now the drill’s on telly
We don’t touch kids R Kelly I’m tryna do man’s boss like Belly
(I’m tryna do man’s boss like Belly) versuri-lyrics.info
But I ain’t tryna go out wrong like Melly
Pack coming in smelly I still stirr food like delis
It weren’t no normal ambulance he got picked up by heli’
I’ve seen man shake like jelly two hands on the ting and get shelly
They’re not ready I been on the 8 and 6 already
Mask on like Freddy so the cameras can’t see fully
I been disturbing London I ain’t talking Dumi
Niggas turn fake for the pussy facts niggas just change for the pussy
Me I won’t change for the pussy facts I’m just getting paid like a booky

I tell the driver don’t stop like buju
Got my bare hands on the ting like fufu
Uhuh-uhuh I will never leave my bro that’s mudu
Jumped out on smoke and he disappeared like juju
She got her head screwed on but she can never be my bubu
Get backkk

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Ay caramba – M24 lyrics
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