Autograph – YN Jay lyrics

Lyrics Autograph – YN Jay

Autograph lyrics
Damn I mean got no L’s
Count the money till my hands ain’t got no nails
Fuck around shoot a cop got the glock on 12
Fucked around and pulled all the lean ain’t no pop on shelvesss


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Paroles Beldia – Koba LaD Beldia paroles Y a d’l’amnésia (d’la beuh) de la Beldia Y a d’l’amnésia (ouin) p
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Lyrics Cut it – SD Muni Cut it lyrics I cut bridge cut it cut it (Trim it) And I go hard in with J’s Rock
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Lyrics Miles Davis – Blu & Exile Miles Davis lyrics I autograph my cash and called a cab We on the map
Autograph – YN Jay lyrics
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