Aretha – Earthgang lyrics

Lyrics Aretha – Earthgang

Aretha lyrics
“Options” dropped, barely made a sound, damn
I guess we let Nas and Cole down
Quarter mil’ was the bill, toughen your skin up
Failure, lets artists develops ..
See, God said it was time, “My son, you got to rhyme
My son, you got to rise, they got to see you shine”
Please don’t trouble the waters ’cause that shit is my sign
Cancers, I love them girls, Scorpios, I take my time
I know you love the vibes, refreshin’, don’t you lie
Put that real shit on tongue, guarantee you gon’ get high
No, I never sold no dope and commit no robberies
But it’s funny how them coppers keep comin’ after me
I tried some LSD, I sipped a little lean, well
And you know, we all smoked some weed

Right before our eyes, they makin’ billions off of green
Black folks blowin’ smoke and we still ain’t feel seen
There’s people still locked up for life since seventeen
They say, “‘Lu, I ain’t no rapper, so you gotta say it for me
I ain’t no actor but you gotta tell my story”
And all of these feelings you got on your chest
You should get it off now ‘fore we lay you to rest
Or they lay you to rest or whatever is best
I done studied the greats so put me to the test
I been dealin’ with death, I still know that I’m blessed, huh
I been travelin’ the world, I been sleepin’ on jets
I been answerin’ calls, I been prayin’ through texts
I been there for my bros when nobody was left, huh
I been givin’ ’em hope, G-O-D in the flesh
See the way that I move, they believe they steps
See the way that I shine, they believe they self

[Verse 2: Doctur Dot]
I just be lookin’ ahead of me, only concern is the legacy
Just a fan of simplicity, that what I bring to the recipe
How I don’t know shit ’bout gravity?
Take off the roof and look right at the galaxy
I’m in the cut and I milk it like Anthony
Stick to your lies, you don’t know how to act with me
Music for me therapeutic, it don’t .. within me, I can’t do it
Off the block and I’m forever rooted
Look in my eyes, you could tell I been through it
Feel like the bald-headed Whitney Houston
I got a gift and I gotta use it
I gotta get it organic, authentic
Niggas be boosin’, niggas be juicin’
My verse is NFT, exclusive
Fuck all that kumbaya, cool shit
Whip that trick, cookie and loosies
My bitch bad, she cook us up
Most of these hoes just cute and useless
Most of these folks just hate the truth
I be outta pocket like kangaroos
Wish a nigga would, can’t wait to shoot
Still fuck 12 and Dylann Roof
More verses, less interviews
This what I’m addicted to, this all I’m committed to
Set my sights on bigger moves, feel like this is middle school
Been like this since in the womb, wrapped in my umbilicalll

Aretha – Earthgang lyrics
Aretha - Earthgang
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