Apart – Booka600 lyrics

Lyrics Apart – Booka600

Apart lyrics
Certain shit not understood, so we got questions, for every
hood, you was a lesson
For every hood, you had a lecture with O’Block,
to change the message
We done shared the same sweaters,
same shoes and same Beretta
No issues, we made adjustments,
in our hearts be missin’ HEC
I refuse to let ’em catch up,
for the opps, shit can’t get better
Let a hundred off at they chest,
I hit they head off from the curb
And the day you had to die,
that shit wasn’t on the schedule
You a kid with no karate,
you said being single was the direction
Fuckin’ hoes for the erection,
I see nobody on that level
And you told me leave my bitch
’cause you know karma’s out to get me
And you know we still together
and your fans will never let up
And your kids is so special,
long as I’m here, they gettin’ better

I’m just hopin’ for a while,
I’m just knowin’ they miss their daddy
‘Cause I know I miss my nigga,
but it ain’t shit like bein’ family
Durk goin’ to the GRAMMYs,
“This one for you”, we keep on chantin’
And this built off loyalty, know that we the real mechanics
Seein’ your body plus the slander,
I know that’s they propaganda
I know they was never with us and can never understand us
Please, tell me why they vanish,
I see nobody who was frantic
Only The Family in my eyes, I see the love was never genuine
I just cast away my tears, there’s no remorse,
I’m out to get ’em
I be listenin’ to the walls, wishin’ I can really hear you
I be missin’, y’all gone, pop a pill for every member
I don’t answer my phone ’cause I don’t really wanna hear it
We got blickys for niggas dissin’,
magazines and ammunition
Make a scene or disappearance,
he off that lean, that’s how I get ’em
We don’t need the momentum, we don’t need to talk with ’em
You know gang, we gon’ feel it, this shit personal and business
Niggas runnin’, they can’t prevent it,
blowin’ Dracos in the trenches
First they live through their descendant,
I’ma keep it authentic
This shit hard on the listeners,
there’s some shit I can’t mention
This shit apart from the deals,
this shit apart from the riches

[Outro: Booka600]
From the hood
I’m from the hood
We from the hood
We from the hood
I’m from the hood
We from the hood
We from the hood
We from the hooddd

Apart – Booka600 lyrics
Apart - Booka600
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