Alto – Zombie Juice lyrics

Lyrics Alto – Zombie Juice

Alto lyrics
This shit loud, flava in ya ear
How high? Too high to meet me in the air
Sold out with Red and Meth, ten thousand in the stands (Hold
I used to dream of days like this on the 2-train

Packs in my knapsack, smellin’ up the whole thang
Please ash before you pass it, boo thang
Higher than a balcony, baby, I need the whole thang
Penthouse suite, floor to ceilin’ windows
A big ol’ freak, she only fuck with winners
I need me a percent of everything y’all stealin’
She say it’s an event when I hit that kitty
Might hot-box the whip like B-Real was in it
I had a dream feelin’ lucid, every word I meant it
We put the hood name on our back, I’m used to heavy liftin’
The pressure turned that shit to diamonds, now it’s finer

They tryin’ to figure figure how I did it, how I done ascended
How a nigga really livin’ like he say he did it
How I paint these bitches like I’m Kara Walker vivid
Not too specific on them phones cause you know they listenin’
And watch them niggas that’s close by you
‘Cause you know they’re switchin’
This biscotti hittin’, long nose, Scottie Pippen, bow
Designer drippin’, this a Erick Arc production
The art is sufferin’, gotta put your heart or nothing

Zip it up, ooh
I don’t need no niggas smokin’ my trees
I was up ‘fore I lit my spliff (Oh yeah)
I know there’s more for me but I’m thankful for this

Took hard work and sacrifice
I still practice twice before I catch a flight
To stay on point, from a joint to a fat Sweet
Stretch my money like athletes at a track meet
Pack heat in the back streets, that’s me
Nah, rapper slash actor, please someone cast me
Dedicate myself, I medicate myself
Stay away from hard drugs, I’ll never hate myself

Make my wealth just like any man does
That’s when I can ’cause I don’t have all the answers yet
But I bet if I was a gambler
The baby will get the new pair of shoes and the Pampers
Like Freddie Sanford, I’ma keep collectin’
Park the old red truck and make a new selection, heh
‘Cause with me, there’s no second guessin’
If it ain’t progression then it’s out the question (Yeah yeah)

We breathe out
I don’t keep no counterfeit around me, uh
I was nice ‘fore I ever dropped bars, yeah
I’m givin’ my life and I’m thankful for ittt

Alto – Zombie Juice lyrics
Alto - Zombie Juice
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