Aint shit changed – Wiz Khalifa lyrics

Lyrics Aint shit changed – Wiz Khalifa

Aint shit changed lyrics
Sometime’ you gotta cut a motherfucker uh
Don’t be that motherfucker mhm
Realistically I’m just sittin’ back
Go back to the crib
Got a pound of KK
PET and cods
Just doin’ what I do
.. uh

Smokin’ weed and .. hot
Supposed to be the police don’t say shit when they approach me
Different days and different cause
I’m doin’ shit then when I’m supposed to
Flyin’ through the way from couch
Wasn’t play on that couch
Hundred miles I’m tryin’ to cross
Roll a pound and flow
More round and toast
Everyday we flow ’cause no matter how much we smoke
Hittin’ never missed
Got these niggas pissed
Get caught never flipped
Charges get dismissed
.. savages I jump to finish business shit
Nothin’ personal must I forgot what this business says
I keep hustle and now won’t stop until my clique get rich
.. shit you better yourself I let you .. that dish
You a hustlin’ motherfucker now cryin’ for my son
An AP for my brother and is floated
Them girls say: “Go get enough of it”
Earn my respect and go keep tellin’ you that I’m fuckin’ rich
Earn my respect and just get jealous because I fuck this bitch
Earn my respect so when they cuttin’ my house the don’t take gas
I’m killin’ the competition
They stealin’ got my permission
.. I make my decision
I’m holding down my positionnn

Aint shit changed

Aint shit changed – Wiz Khalifa lyrics
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