Adapt – Xander Noles lyrics

Lyrics Adapt – Xander Noles

Adapt lyrics
Had a pretty good life
Up until the 4th grade
Til my mama started strippin
Cause she had to get paid
Fell for another man
So she left my dad
But she didn’t really know
That family’s all we had

Life threw me a curveball
Now everything is brand new
Only 9 years old
What the fuck I’m supposed to do?


New life new school new “daddy”
He’s a fool
Puttin on a show from his point of view
Everything’s so perfect but it ain’t what it seems
When his mask falls off I know I’ll be singing

Why’d you gotta go and putcho hands up on my mama
We’re supposed to be a family but it’s nothing but some drama
Go take your cheatin self and eat up all your karma
Cause you’re just a piece of shit and you’ll never be my father

New school I’m the fool kids acting like their cool
Never fuckin with the new kid
And they all just seem like toolsss

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Adapt – Xander Noles lyrics
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