A word to the world – Jett Wo lyrics

Lyrics A word to the world – Jett Wo

A word to the world – Jett Wo lyrics
All these rubys in my rings, look like some roses
I’ma hustler get the bread, split it like it’s moses
Drop the top, got the Glock, it’ll make you frozen
Never had to struggle, feel like I might be chosen
Sike, fuck that, you best believe I be an omen
Kinda hard to think, when you got this commotion
I can feel these words coming out like explosions
It feels like death is runnin’ up approaching
Tryna clear my head take a sip of the potion
All these drugs and alcohol just make me broken
This is a cry for help, all this shits got me chokin’
You just laugh ,turn your back, like I was jokin’
Don’t know what to think, I’m barely copin’
Or you just leave, got me feeling hopeless
If i’m being real, it’s kinda more like soulless
The words that people use these days are so repulsive
Why do they gotta be so god damn insulting?
This world could use no more of your provokin’
Just listen to the words that have been spoken
It kinda feels like my hearts been opened
I hope that you find these words so potent
Something’s missing I need a component
No matter how you feel you ain’t unnoticed
Don’t give up even if you’re at your lowest
Keep grindin’ hard with your dreams as the focus
Writing all these songs, man I feel like a poet
Why do I write? I don’t know i’m not growin’

All I really know is that we’re here for the moment
Life’s getting worse one day at a time
Don’t know what to do its like i’m on the climb
All I try to think is, i’m not in my prime
Thoughts in my brain I think it’s gone sublime
Family, motives, those are pretty much gone
I’m tryna figure out how it went all wrong
People tell me stay positive, I stay strong
Something that always helps is writin’ a song
I don’t need to tell you life isn’t fair
Do you really think that it even cares?
Wrapped around my throat I think i’m losing air
I’m used to the feeling it was always there
Looking for happiness don’t know where
Too far gone God’s got me in his glare
Never heard of that man it must be rare
Feeling so gone please keep me in your prayers

A word to the world – Jett Wo lyrics
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