A mother s wisdom – Montae Montana lyrics

Lyrics A mother s wisdom – Montae Montana

A mother s wisdom lyrics
Lift your head up
Why is your head down
Lift it up NOW
Hold your head down low
Or your crown’ll fall off
You know we were born of kings and queens
Destined for nothing short of but PURE greatness
Greatness in our very existence
You are a gift from the Creator here to lead the world
Your passion and creativity will excite masses
Your words… they marinate in wisdom
And that Wisdom people ache for
Planting the seeds that grow a generation. You are needed
Oh but that crown is heavy versuri-lyrics.info
The strength granted to those strong enough to carry the weight of a movement
Protect that crown it is the light…they see you
You have to remember who you are
Because God doesn’t give a burden greater to those who can bare it
And he knew who could withstand it
The strength of the struggle
Oh wait…
I forgot one more thing
West muthafuckin side

[Excerpt from Lil B’s “Deep Ass Thoughts”]
Man shit sitting in this old ass car man
Feel like shit don’t never change ya feel me?
But it change everyday
I feel like we a part of one big organism
Just stay positive it’s bigger than what we really thinkkk

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A mother s wisdom – Montae Montana lyrics
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