A feeling – Neffex lyrics

Lyrics A feeling – Neffex

She loving on me
but I’m loving this weather
Cali got heat
but her body‘s hot as ever
yo I got what I need
cold beer nothing better
ill keep doing me
margaritas in a blender
her body so tender
her body so slender
know that ima bend her
never say never
ima go get her
and I just met her
baby there’s no pressure
just pleasure yea
she got a body like a diamond
it’s one of a kind man
4th of July damn
summer time fine yea
wanna make her mine yea
bikini tan lines yea
shines like a dime and
she 9 out of 9 yea
I could give a damn what you say
yea I’m living my way yea
cold beers and a babe
I stay out of the shade
I just live for today
like a kid ima play
lets get lit let’s get laid
let’s get big let’s get paid yea.
(Neffex – A feeling)

Living out in Hollywood yea
man I feel good yea
so misunderstood
cuz we’re young and we’re crooked
every body hooked yea
every bodys shook yea
do it by the book no we do it like we should yea
young and we’re free
ain’t nobody stopping me
ima drink two or three
maybe more yea we’ll see
cuz it’s just what I need
alcohol and the beach
got the sand on my feet
and the girls in the heat
yea she so bubbly
she likes country
said I like money
now she thinks I’m funny
baby girl it’s sunny
addicted to your honey
you know im always running
so baby are you coming
I know I know that I move quickly
so let’s go let’s go baby come with me
I’ll grab a bottle and shot of that whiskey
and we can drink till the sunsets dizzyyy.
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A feeling – Neffex lyrics
A feeling - Neffex

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