9 8 7 – Bill Wurtz lyrics

Lyrics 9 8 7 – Bill Wurtz

9 8 7 lyrics
9 8 7 I’m feeling blue
7 6 5 I’m feeling you
4 3 2 I wonder if the feeling’s true?

9 8 7 what shall I do?
I’m scared and confused
There’s numbers in the music
Can you feel it too?

I wonder if you feel the things I’m going through
I wonder if you feel for those things too
I wonder if you wonder what number we’re counting to
Whatever number makes the whole thing true

9 8 7 how are you
What is your name and is it groovy?
Is it Mortimer, is it Susan?
Is that the corect conclusion?

9 10 11 into the stars
Upon the stairway thru the hall
And you’re wondering who you are
Cuz it’s been so long

I wonder if you’re wondering how it got this far
I suppose that you’ve been wondering what went wrong

15 14 13 12 it’s a counting song
Count down thru the numbers and it’s done

2 and 1
What have you done?
3 and 4
please do it more

5 and 10
Around the bend
Over and over and under and over
And home again

I wonder it that’s somewhere that you’ve ever been

I know most homes are broken
So you don’t come back
BUt your home never like that

9 8 7 I’m feeling blue
7 6 5 that’s still true
432 I’m nervous
And I don’t know what to do

9 8 nothing, where were you go?
When will you leave?
And how you will know?

9 8 7 – Bill Wurtz lyrics
9 8 7 - Bill Wurtz
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