80 barz – Redman lyrics

Lyrics 80 barz – Redman

80 barz lyrics
What up y’all?
Say hello to the champ
Make you duck down, learned that out my boot camp
I was a big deal when MJ dated Brooke Shields
Now I’m equipped to go Bushwick for the bills, that boy
I’m the red button, don’t press me
And I’m a fucked up dad the way I dead beats
Let’s see why I’m Bebe bad
Condoms in the Jacuzzi, I’m Day-Day’s dad
I used to wanna hit JJ Fad, now I motivate
I’m runnin’ with a Gary Vee kind of heart rate
No excuses, my juice runnin’ like I’m retaliating for my ancestor nooses
I want pockets fatter than Bruce Bruce’s
I run with only captains on the cruise ship
While you kiss ass, I’m on the frontline
Spittin’ like I’m unsigned, watch a nigga unwind
Psycho ward, admit it, tell the judge I did it
Moved that I inspired yo’ body, yo
I motivate big girls to work out

While you listen to Cardi B do a little cardio
I rep my city like Trey in Houston
Hungry like Em’ before Doc’ Dre produced him
The straitjacket I had on was loose
And now I bodybag any rap nigga that suits him
I tell a young nigga, “Plan what you want, bro
Stop playin’, what you on the ‘Gram with the gun fo’?
Nobody believe you”
Even Large Profess’ said he’s fed
We all lookin’ through ya front door
And if we all there, you ain’t gon’ do nothin’
My crew too live for us not to move somethin’
I’m a OG and you can tell the Bay
I ain’t think a nigga still be rappin’ when I’m fo-tay
Years old, my doc say I’m a hot mess
‘Cause I be clownin’ hoes as a outlet
And your chicks got goatees and biceps
Lookin’ like Rodman, I thought you made progress
I’ma keep goin’ and tell the kids, “When you go to school
Dress down in the Teflon
You might have to dodge bullets”
Even I dodged a bullet, I ain’t fuck with the Bitcoin
I don’t lie, fool, I shit like I ate a order of Thai food
I could give you seventeen syllable haikus
No one seein’ Doc, America should think like Erykah Badu
Back and forth with the blunt get Aaliyah high (Uh)
My block push the weight ’til it’s legalized
Interior, my hood like Syria
OG kush got my eye like Whitaker
Def Squad, Wu-Tang, we all kill it
This creed can’t be built by Carl Weathers
Fourteen brothers, jackets all leather (Let’s go)
Red off the wall like racquetball nigga
Young and Restless? I’m old and reckless
Spend 50K on a necklace
While I watch Death Wish, gettin’ head, call it Netflix
White people call me, they say, “Hi Redman”
I go off like ya insecure side chick
Tell Herbie Hancock this how I rock it
Niggas G’d up ’til they hear the gunfire
But I’m behind my hitter nigga, umpire
I ain’t stupid, I put all the anger in the music
Feel the rage when I hadouken
If you don’t know who behind this rhyme

This is me, boy, like a Tay Roc line (Let’s go)
KRS for pres, Jay-Z for vice pres
“I had a dream” speech? Nah, it’s a nightmare
Put your hands on me wherever you put your hands on me at, nigga
I’m leavin’ you right there
I’m not violent, but niggas’ll try you when you smilin’
So I’m ‘Fly Jones I keep a silence
I’m never tired versuri-lyrics.info
You get washed in the ring, it’s a wrap
You can hear the violin
When I react, you under contract
It’s like tellin’ John Wick where the enemy
I keep connects like my brother Raekwon
If it go down, he know where to get ten a key
I work harder and smarter
That’s why I’m able to keep a ounce in the godfather (Yeah)
Def Squad, Wu-Tang my alma mater
I get fly with the words, call my hand PalmPilot
And I’m from the Garden State
80 bars

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80 barz – Redman lyrics
80 barz - Redman
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