2020 January – RiceGum lyrics

Lyrics  2020 January – RiceGum

2020 January lyrics
Bruh people people seem to forget or somethin’?
Come on now stop playin’ with me

Aye now I’m just a rich chigga a six figure
Who gon’ fuck around with Instagram models and pick bitches
And I don’t know if you been talkin’ bout these thick bitches
‘Cause them the bitches that I’m fuckin’ on the motherfuckin’ weekend
‘Cause durin’ the week I’m fuckin’ bitches I been fuckin’ my sleep
I hit the stu’ everyday of the week versuri-lyrics.info
And I don’t know why people talk ’bout me sippin’ this lean
I had to do it ’cause I don’t motherfuckin’ feel
I put in effort you put in nothinggg

2020 January – RiceGum lyrics
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