Month: November 2019

The vengeance – Black Veil Brides lyrics

Lyrics The vengeance – Black Veil Brides The vengeance lyrics All hail the dark phoenix Blood and feathers from the broken pieces You don’t know me and it’s not your time Turn around and get in line [Chorus] So let the hate rain down Born to be the one We’re gonna take the crown Sing for the vengeaaance Whoa […]

Yellow hearts – Ant Saunders lyrics

Lyrics Yellow hearts – Ant Saunders Yellow hearts She put my name with yellow hearts Her favorite color like the stars I didn’t listen very hard When she told me she was crazy from the start She put my name with yellow hearts I said she was a work of art I didn’t listen very hard When she told […]

Everybody knows – Upchurch lyrics

Lyrics Everybody knows – Upchurch Everybody knows lyrics Old cars in the front yard they’ve been there since I was born Old man on the front porch he been drinkin’ since early morn’ I was raised like this it’s all I know all I know And if you’re from where I come from everybody knows everybody knows [Verse 1: […]

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