Month: May 2019

Shine girl – MoStack lyrics

Lyrics Shine girl – MoStack Shine girl lyrics I love the way you shine, girl (Shine, girl) Rose gold bezel on your wrist, what’s the time, girl? (Tell me what’s the time, girl) Six figures on your whip, shit, you comin’ like you signed, girl (How you so paid? Oh, I know you so fake) […]

Guiltless – dodie lyrics

Lyrics Guiltless – dodie Guiltless lyrics There is a wall in my life built by you You opened a door that a kid shouldn’t walk through But I’m not bitter, I’m just tired, no use getting angry at the way that you’re wired Ignorant trauma in one afternoon. And I could never let you know, […]

Backwards love – Taska Black lyrics

Lyrics Backwards love – Taska Black Backwards love lyrics It’s in your eyes, it’s in plain sight You say my name, like you’re blaming me for something You undercut, you criticize It’s only cause you’re scared of what you’re wanting When my mind starts playing tricks on me I believe It’s my fault cause I’m […]

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