Month: July 2018

Splash out 3.0 – Russ lyrics

Lyrics Splash out – Russ Splash out 3.0 lyrics by Russ I love my freedom But i risk it anywhere i see them ‘i i i i love mr. WOT entertainment’ G8 Cruuuddddddd 100 man fuck that Big ting always on hip can’t lack Anything 8 get brr get wack Back out my, grip firm attack […]

Picture – Samantha J feat. Gyptian lyrics

Lyrics Gyptian – Picture – Samantha J Picture lyrics by Samantha J Click, click, picture take She pose, watch how mi set .. when mi post this Number 1 like a trophy .. like ya sweat Crashin’ it, phone reset Mi give ya something feel holier Use mi camera, controllin’ ya [Chorus: Gyptian & Samantha J] […]

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