Month: May 2018

What I need – Kehlani feat. Hayley Kiyoko lyrics

Lyrics Hayley Kiyoko – What I need – Kehlani All the back and forth getting complicated Running me around got me frustrated, no That’s why I been laying low If you wanna make it work, baby, gotta say it Need a little more than participation Or, I could go be on my own. (Kehlani – […]

Lake Zurich – Gorillaz lyrics

Lyrics Lake Zurich – Gorillaz Last chance to buy before you fly Last chance to buy before you fly Ok .. from Zürich, to New York I wanted to share this with you all because , even to me, it sounded ridiculous But I’m only, after a long, complicated night I’m here with my love […]

Enemies – Lauv lyrics

Lyrics Enemies – Lauv I thought we said we’re good Was I misunderstood? You lookin’ at me so cold After all that we’ve been through How could you pretend? I’m someone that you don’t know. (Lauv – Enemies) I’m so sick of planning all my nights, nights ’round avoiding you it’s gotta end We don’t have […]

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