Month: October 2017

Sua amiga vou pegar – Mc Lan letra

Letra Mc Lan – Sua amiga vou pegar Quando essa tocar Tu vai se lembrar De que eu era um bosta E tu não queria me pegar. (Mc Lan – Sua amiga vou pegar) O mundão vai girar E ela vai voltar Lembra daquela garota? Agora ela quer me dar. Sua amiga eu vou pegar […]

Flipmode – Velous feat. Chris Brown lyrics

Lyrics Velous – Flipmode Flipmode, Flipmode, Knock it down, fade away Knock it down, fade away Flipmode, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Shoot it, shoot it, knock it down, fade away Shoot it, shoot it, knock it down, fade away Told her bust it, bust it, bust it, bust it […]

City lights – Palastic feat. Nevve lyrics

Lyrics Palastic – City lights City lights, the urban landscape, Stands before our eyes. City lights, our lives are caught up, In these neon lights. Oh, so very frightened the park will seem. Yet, we do our best to cherish one another, City lights, although I love you, Sometimes hate wins doubt. Oh, so very […]

Garage palace – Gorillaz lyrics

Lyrics Gorillaz – Garage palace Oh, Palace Flows Rain falls from the heavens To my palace rooftop When the light shines through it I feel more exposed Will it ever change here? We’ll just never know Stimulation I’m in need of See the time is of the essence And this clock doesn’t own a home […]

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