Month: September 2017

You re my ace – The Ace Family lyrics

Lyrics The Ace Family – You re my ace Baby I got things I don’t wanna say Talk to me, girl tell me. Tell me just what you really think. Girl tell me, you love me.(you re my ace) Cause this ain’t no game, this is for real. And it’s never gonna change. And I […]

Wings clipped – Grey feat. Avril Lavigne lyrics

Lyrics Grey – Wings clipped All your lovers, no, they’re not your friends Learn the hard way fast That every time you give someone your trust They throw it back, they throw it back Another Sunday working on the ground, signal breaking down ‘Cause every time you said they loved you Left and took it […]

Beautiful trauma – Pink lyrics

Lyrics Pink – Beautiful trauma We were on fire I slashed your tires It’s like we burned so bright, we burned out I made you chase me I wasn’t that friendly My love, my drug, we’re f*cked up, ohhh.(beautiful trauma) ‘Cause I’ve been on the run so long, they can’t find me You waken up […]

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