Month: March 2017

Everybody – Logic lyrics

Lyrics Logic – Everybody Okay I was gone for a minute but I’m back now Sit the f*ck back down Seem like everybody nowadays Hollywood Oh it’s like that now? I’ma show you mothaf*ckas how to act now I’ma show em how to act I’ma show em how to act. Okay now picture little Bobby […]

Comme moi – Black M feat. Shakira paroles

Paroles Black M – Comme moi I’m living with a broken heart Never meant to do you harm Don’t ever wanna see you cry, again And everybody hurts sometimes I never meant to do you wrong I know you’re gonna be just fine.(comme moi) J’ai prié pour nous, tard le soir Tu m’as tourné le […]

Sui la deal cobor la vale – Echo versuri

Versuri Echo – Sui la deal cobor la vale Clar, nu credeam vreodata, ca pe aceasta cale O sa fie necesar sa scot, o piesa de jale Prostia se raspandeste in artisti ca o tumoare Si afecteaza muzica, pana-n punctu care moare.(sui la deal cobor la vale) As vre sa, ma trezesc din vis sa […]

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