Month: October 2016

Real Youth – Vybz Kartel lyrics

Lyrics Vybz Kartel – Real youth Mi a real youth. nuff a dem ah see it true. come round for the free food. cyan fool me fool. unuh think mi nuh know. mankind is a warewolf. and mi change with the full moon. Gi dem a helping hand. you get gunshot in return. road to […]

Jail house blues – Kodak Black lyrics

Lyrics Kodak Black – Jail house blues Ohh, said y’all wanna know about some uhhhh. But I’m out here, uhh. Oh-oh-ohhh, that kind of jail sh*t, ohhh. That behind the wall sh*t, uhhh. Cool .. slide you know, ohh. I call that .. y’all already know that, ohh. Sniper gang, uhh. Bitch when I rap […]

Gorilla – Will Sparks feat. Tyron Hapi lyrics

Lyrics Will Sparks – Gorilla Hey, hey, we’re the same breed. When we bleed, bleed. Don’t you know, I’m just like you. You in my zoo, zoo. Take a walk, walk, in my shoes.(gorilla) I’m just like: Konnichiwa, Ibiza, Tokyo to Manila. London to Brasilia. We go gorillaaa. Konnichiwa, Ibiza, Tokyo to Manila. London to […]

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