Month: July 2015

Wonderwoman – Sweet California (lyrics)

Lyrics Sweet California – Wonderwoman Where you use your super powers Wonderwoman, Wonderwoman You know you got those super powers Wonderwomaaan, Wonderwomaaan Ladies actin’ up you need to tidy up your tactics You can lance everything but you can never see the practice If you shun his ass, shun him and you hold it Then […]

Help me lose my mind – Anca Pop (lyrics)

Lyrics Anca Pop – Help me lose my mind Talk to me and watch me crumble You will see me come undone Faithfully I will look over There I’ll find what you’ve become You help me lose my mind And you bring me something I can’t define Help me lose my mind, make me wonder […]

Milky Way – Anna Lesko feat. Jimmy Dub (lyrics)

Lyrics Anna Lesko feat. Jimmy Dub – Milky way Love wiki wiki wiki everyday I need some wiki wiki wik today We gonna wiki wiki if you stay Play with my mind in the Milky Way (x2) Come on come on, on the floor Everybody gotta lose control Sexy girl is on fire Come on […]

Perfect love – Elena feat. Claudio Cristo (versuri)

Versuri Claudio Cristo feat. Elena – Perfect love What would you say If i`d chase your fears away What would you do If you found my love is all for you And i love the way You don`play no game I`m fealing the real you Each and every day I would call your name I`d […]

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