15 styles of rapping – Quadeca lyrics

Lyrics 15 styles of rapping – Quadeca

15 styles of rapping lyrics
Now  I’m on the list ain’t no listenin’
Y’all on my dick made me sick y’all so sickening
Now I carry a stick and I stick it in
She  tryna ask for a pic like she pickin’ him (She pickin’)
I  got all of the benjamins
Watch for your bitch I’m the one that she follow and messagin’
I  don’t know if she sick
But she swallow my kids make it look like she swallowing medicine
I’m going pyscho
I  might give that bitch 15 minutes or more
I’ll insure it like Geico
You best watch your mouth when you talk to me
Make a mistake ain’t no typo
The bitch end up fuckin’ wit me
She got suction with me ain’t no lypo

They don’t like the way I rap
Take it back
I’m just tryna make these tracks
Make ’em last
Got a lot ahead of me I hate the past
Gotta be a massage for me but it breaks your back
Basically breaking the bacon
I’m makin’ ’em mad mistakin’ ’em
People patiently payin’ him
Hoping that he has to hang wit’ him
The Jealousy
I hit em wit it heavily
It’s shakin’ ’em
Cause I got my pick of the litter bitch
I’m really the winner
Vomit cause I’m sick of the bitterness
And Twitter kids I don’t give a shit
Rejectin’ my message before they even consider it
Ridiculous how they triggered by my words? They illiterate
They don’t want me to win because I am different
I’m really to the top they wanna stop
But they some ignorant idiots
So the minute it finishes I’ma kill em with discipline
Got off on the wrong note like a dissonant instrument uh yeah

Back on my motherfuckin’ new shit
I got a bag 20K that shit exclusive
I put Goyard on my waist that shit expensive
I gone so far .. I made that shit extensive

Bitch I’m the beast
Pop just like grease (Squad)
They try to bite me I knock out they teeth
Sick with this shit think I got a disease
Yeah that bitch do not pray but she all on her knees
That lil’ bitch wanna give me some top now (What?)
I let it pop out (What?) I had to pop off
Jumping on top of your block like some hopscotch
I hit the three don’t need no shot clock
Knock knock knock lil’ bitch you a knock off
Everybody they playin’ with me
And they all on the bottom ’cause now I been on top

I got all the cash I got all the bands now
She shakin’ her ass I feel like the man now
Bitch don’t even ask you can’t get no handouts
Get no handouts you know I stand out
I feel- I feel like she want it I’m really ballin’
I’ma shoot you if you talkin’ it’s gonna cost it
I feel- I feel like the man now
Hit you you the man down
You the man down

I’m white and I’m sad and I’m sad that I’m white
And they’d love me if I was just black like the night
Why can’t I be white without having to fight
For my beautiful eyes that are blue and so bright
They’re offended and triggered it makes me so mad
I didn’t have slaves I am not like my dad
So why have these people been treating me bad?
I’ll say I’m just trolling thank you for the bag
I’m white!
And they say that’s not alright yeah!
It makes me wanna fight!

Cricket chirps

Life is like some tennis the ballin’s been makin’ a racket
Like Kardashian with the acting the faking and plastic
It’s basically magic I prayed with all the days I imagined
Seein’ myself up on the screen ain’t had no cable just static
Wet dreams of maple bacon and mansions racist faces with panic Bigger than glaciers Titanic I’m playing Madden with
Anderson Cooper my beef Kobe like the Los Angeles hooper
You cannot cancel this I handle maneuver
For example I grew this money tree with ample manure
I’m just a mammal with some bite yeah my enamel cuts through the
Bullshit they threw so in Canada that’s true though
I sampled everything in my Costco then I ran Naruto-style
Sometimes I feel like a planet and sometimes not like I’m *****
I bring the fam together then I fuck it up like a game of Uno
That’s just part of my philosophy I’m like word to Russot
I’m certain you know got a perfect new flow who knows?

Too much water in my lemonade drink
Do it for my daughter I be dressed in all-pink
Battleship battleship you know they all sink
I’ma do me I don’t care what y’all think
I got blue feet I’m like in Monsters Inc
Glass glass glass glass glass they all clink
That’s that’s that’s the mumbling

I’m up on my tractor
I wanna go faster
All around the pasture
Howdy to the passerby’s
Life gets rowdy then it passes by
Life’s exactly like the cattle’s cry
Yeah I wanna go faster
All around the pasture
Howdy to the passerby’s
Huh life gets rowdy then it passes by
Life’s exactly like the cattle’s cry
I was like “Howdy” it skidaddled by
Too many snakes in the grass and they all gonna rattle by huh yeah
Life ain’t no roses and daisies this shit ain’t no apple pie
Hold up huh yeah this ain’t no apple pie bitch!

Around so many new faces to match the bluefaces
I get what I want don’t ever do favors
These days life’s a trip I got some new laces
Swimmin’ in women bitches who actin’ too gracious
Say “Gracias” these exotic sauces and sorbet
Got this bitch from Brazil she telling me “Olay”
All day in Costa Rica with the roleplay
So many thorns on the journey to the rosé

All this time I’m just findin’ in my head
Some days I’m the (What?) motherfuckin’ man
One way bitch I turned it and I ran
Runway I just touched down in Japan
Yeah I ball someone tell a friend
Hit the mall do that shit again
Callin’ I’ma send their state to mail
Stylin’ got that drip just like a snail

Sometimes I wonder why life is so hard
And it’s slappin’ you right in the face (Damn!)
I came from cleanin’ up toilets and workin’ for hours
And still wasn’t in the right place
I was alone and so lost and just trapped with my thoughts
Tryna make it I ain’t had no manager!
I was a janitor I took my dreams and the world
And I shot myself through the diameter!
I was destined to be
At the top and the best in the league
I remember them messin’ with me
But I’m winning it regularly

I bought a- Louis V belt staying true to myself
All this- jewelry fooling me I stupidly fell for it
I fell for it face-first friends change in the worst days
But maybe they never had any love for me in the first place
That’s wack the fact of the matter is what matters is facts
My soul turned colder than the platinum that I have on my plaques
And now my momma never call because she think that I’m busy
But I really just been waiting for the moment she’ll hit me yeah

It’s time to pledge your allegiance bitch
Somebody call Mike Pence and tell him
I killed him just since I was a fetus bitch ..
I was a dangerous baby
Up-up in the manger I did shit like Jesus bitch
They be too loud with the shit-talking
Soon as I respond it’s “Hah! I plead the fifth!” (Wait bitch!)
I think I hear something wack (Wack)
Oh that’s just your new fucking track (Oh shit!)
Uh huh she asked when I’m coming back (Wait what?)
Scream my own name when we fuck I’m like “Bitch it’s Dax!”(What?)
I said “Bitch it’s Dax!”
You talk nonsense I say bitch it’s factsss

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15 styles of rapping – Quadeca lyrics
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