100k – Lady XO lyrics

Lyrics 100k – Lady XO

100k lyrics
You stuck in the streets I be in cali movin’ mountains
Only took me bout a year they be like xo that’s astounding
Why you lookin’ at me funny like you tasted somethin’ sour
All them xannies got you stupid lackin’ leanin eiffle tower

You don’t want the smoke I promise my shit gon be louder
I got gucci on me smellin’ pretty bitch you need a shower
I don’t see him with his homies
only hoes guess he a coward
Try to come for me gon sic a bitch right on you get devoured

I be gettin’ to it they be sayin’ that I’m scandalous
This the type of hustle you can’t touch it can’t be tampered with
I come from a place that
breeds the goons and all the savages
Ain’t stoppin’ til I’m dead bitch I’m hungry movin’ ravenous

Shoutout Izzy don’t know what I’d do without him
Keep that take because I like the way it sounded
We don’t keep no goofys close around us
I must of ran it up for 9 years but who countin’?

I got cake gelato sherb don’t hit me up if you ain’t ready
Call me when you see me pull up do the exchange out a chevy
‘Member one time dude was
petty tried to rob but he shoot lefty
Think you slick one day you gon end up like Oops spaghetti

Bags be touchin’ down and they be sneakin’ past the tsa
Don’t call me up to argue click that ass I don’t got time today
Be glad that I’m still breathin’ sunny outside how could you complain?
You bout to get the boot cuz you a bitch who don’t appreciate

Messy shit ain’t for me
I was raised up off of loyalty
Can count my homies by the hand the rest said they won’t fold on me
Pockets swole but I don’t flex they try to get ahold of me
Bitch I been goin’ crazy my supporters listen globally

Keep that shit 100 if you tweak I’m gon remember that
You care bout opinions I ain’t sorry bitch I’m speakin’ facts
Ima get the bands invest it smart I’m makin’ triple back
Please don’t trip out on me make me nervous you know it’s a wrappp

100k – Lady XO lyrics
100k - Lady XO
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