They call me a God – NEFFEX lyrics

Lyrics They call me a God – NEFFEX

They call me a God lyrics
They call me a god (x4)
Let’s gooo!

I’m about to go off
Like a weapon
Fueled to the top
Got a filled up engine
In my thoughts
I will not stop
No I’m never second guessing
I got a god complex
Haters love to hate but I never feel pressed
Got a lot on my plate but I never get stressed
I’ll take all the pressure like I’m acing this test

Tear it up like I’m Jason
I see the world like it’s ready for the taking
I see this place like a game I’m playing
Straight to the bank to collect my payments
No negotiations
It’s my way I was born impatient
And like a damn freemason
I’ll run this nation

They call me a god (x4)

I don’t know how to stop
I just go till I drop
Whether it’s working or it’s shots
Give all that I got
You can watch me work in my element
Anyone in the way is irrelevant
You wanna cross me cool not intelligent
Cuz i don’t forget shit like an elephant

Go ahead and tempt me
Put it on the line and you’ll come up empty
If I got time I’m deadly
Never caught off guard no I’m always ready
Got a hand real steady
Look me in the eye and you’ll see no hessy
About to get real messy
I’ll put you in a grave six feet like Kenny

They call me a goddd (x4)

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They call me a God – NEFFEX lyrics
They call me a God - NEFFEX
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