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keep you safe - morandi

Keep you safe – Morandi lyrics

Lyrics Morandi – Keep you safe I feel you sad like the rain from the clouds. I beg you stop crying before your tears run out. I know you’ve been hurting too much for...

good morning - grouplove

Good morning – Grouplove lyrics

Lyrics Grouplove – Good morning Live wide awake, yeahhh. Am I a stranger. Just all alone. Addicted to my other self. I’ll re-arrange ya’. I’ll out of place ya’. Where everybody’s something else. And...

webbie - young thug

Webbie – Young Thug feat. Duke lyrics

Lyrics Duke – Webbie Thugger! I roll me one, smoke to the face. I roll me one, smoke to the face. Roll up a blunt and I’ma face it. King slime aye.(webbie) They politickin’...