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drugs - august alsina

Drugs – August Alsina lyrics

Lyrics August Alsina – Drugs I got you on my mind, ohhh I got you on my mind You’re not here and I can’t sleep I got you on my mind And I can’t...

azzlack versace - soufian

Azzlack Versace – Soufian songtexte

Songtexte Soufian – Azzlack Versace Check mein’ Cousin ab. Tonnen Haze.., Mitternacht, Treffpunkt Rotterdam. Baba Ware vom Marokkaner. Der schon seitdem er vierzehn ist Hasch bunkert. In der Hood denkst du oft du hast...

walls - hawkweed

Walls – Hawkweed lyrics

Lyrics Hawkweed – Walls You tumbled down on me like world war 3. And then you left wild into the wind. Oh I’m here just reminiscing. There’s nothing left to say. Oh you were...