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walls - hawkweed

Walls – Hawkweed lyrics

Lyrics Hawkweed – Walls You tumbled down on me like world war 3. And then you left wild into the wind. Oh I’m here just reminiscing. There’s nothing left to say. Oh you were...

on your side - the veronicas

On your side – The Veronicas lyrics

Lyrics The Veronicas – On your side If we knew then what we do now. We’d hold our hands and take a bow. Together we would stand our ground. And fight.(on your side) I...

the cold - phora

The cold – Phora lyrics

Lyrics Phora – The cold My lil homie caught a case, he fighting life dawg. Couldn’t tell you if it’s wrong, if it’s right. But angels ain’t around here at night dawg. So all...