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camera ei - vunk

Camera ei – Vunk versuri

Versuri Vunk – Camera ei Camera ei, Muzeul dragostei, De astazi s-a inchis si m-am trezit din vis, Camera ei, O lume fara chei, Chiar daca azi a fost ultima zi, Din nou, ne...

love me better - james blunt

Love me better – James Blunt lyrics

Lyrics James Blunt – Love me better People say the meanest things Yeah, I’ve been called a d*ck, I’ve been called so many things I know I’ve done some sh*t that I admit deserves...

better now - cloves

Better now – Cloves lyrics

Lyrics Cloves – Better now Then I hear you leave And I’m happy Just for a moment I’m free Then it dawns on me.(better now) Then our time has passed Now it won’t last...