these days

These days – Jake Paul lyrics

Lyrics These days – Jake Paul These days lyrics I used to be the one They gave the run around Now they all ride the wave And it’s like a tidal wave and when it come down and it crash you know I got you babe You complain about my distance we a flight away For the night you […]

These days – Silas lyrics

Lyrics These days – Silas These days lyrics These days all I got is money on my mind Late night walkin’ down the street it’s never fine When we hit the stu they say “Your boy one of a kind” Maskin’ my emotions baby girl say what you find [Verse 1: Silas] Yeah boss up […]

These days – Rudimental feat. Macklemore lyrics

Lyrics Rudimental – These days I know you moved onto someone new Hope life is beautiful You were the light for me to find my truth I just wanna say, thank you. (Rudimental – These days) Leaving to find my soul Told her I had to go And I know it ain’t pretty When our […]

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