there for you

There for you – Erika Costell lyrics

Lyrics Erika Costell – There for you Before all the hate Before all the fame Way back when We started team 10 I knew that I was a savage I knew that we were an average 1600 Vine Working there 24 hours We had heat on the way Out here killing the game Out here […]

There for you – Telykast lyrics

Lyrics Telykast – There for you I love the way you’re hair looks. The way you laught at my bad jokes. Summer nights when we just .. Sunset on the go coast.(there for you) The way you look with you’re eyes closed. Laying on my chest, wearing my clothes. Blowing smoke at the window. As […]

There for you – Martin Garrix feat. Troye Sivan lyrics

Lyrics Martin Garrix – There for you I woke up pissed off today And lately, everyone feels fake Somewhere, I lost a piece of me Smoking cigarettes on balconies.(there for you) But I can’t do this alone Sometimes I just need a light If I call you on the phone Need you on the other […]

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