The return lyrics

The return – Chance the Rapper lyrics

Lyrics The return – Chance the Rapper The return lyrics Yo it’s the return of the Gifted Gifter The secret Santa grab bag sifter The Grinch sleigh hangin’ off the ledge deadlifter The best thrifter the tear jerker The Santa’s little help employee of the year worker The smile bringer the joy inside the child […]

The return – Logic lyrics

Lyrics The return – Logic The return lyrics Satisfy Satisfy Yeah yeah, yeah Satisfy this hungriness Sinatra Big Pepe Satisfy Oh, you got the studio shoutout Satisfy You feelin’ good about yourself right now, huh? Satisfy this hungriness (6ix) Hold up let me get up in it now Bitch, I’m here to win it now L-O-G-I-C, […]

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