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Drake - On A Wave ft. Tinashe

On a wave – Drake feat. Tinashe (lyrics)

Lyrics Drake feat. Tinashe – On a wave You finally start to care I show up so unprepared You’re ready for something new I’m still where I was last year Meanwhile we’re talking it out...

Drake - Go Out Tonight

Go out tonight – Drake (lyrics)

Lyrics Drake – Go out tonight You’ve been home for three whole days. Actin’ like you got chores to do. Boy this house is way too clean. I don’t think there’s nothing more to do. (do,...

doc - ochii SUS

Ochii sus – DOC (versuri)

Versuri DOC – Ochii sus Mersu’ drept, privirea-n fata Ii vad, tin ochii in pamant Curios de felul meu in viata Ma opresc, ma uit, ia sa vad si eu ce-or fi vazand Ei...