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traumatized - grouplove

Traumatized – Grouplove lyrics 2016

Lyrics Grouplove – Traumatized A girl so beautiful sleeps on the couch. There’s a little baby in her blouse. She is my only one true love. In the world. Cause she’s my fucking girl....

nothing to lose - vassy

Nothing to lose – Vassy lyrics

Lyrics Vassy – Nothing to lose I got no money, I don’t mind. No fancy plane to get me high. I got no diamonds or shiny shoes. But that’s okay.(nothing to lose) Had a...

the flood - chris brenner

The flood – Chris Brenner lyrics songtexte

Lyrics Chris Brenner – The flood Hard days, thoughts flying thru my mind like airplanes. Looking for something in a plane space. I’m faceing some hard days. Hallways, ecous brake up the sound. Airways,...