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candyman - zedd ft. aloe blacc

Candyman – Zedd ft. Aloe Blacc (lyrics)

Lyrics Aloe Blacc ft. Zedd – Candyman Living for tomorrow. Lost within a dream. Tryna find the answer to the question. And it seems that love makes the world feel good.(candyman) Singing in the...

beautiful lies - birdy

Beautiful lies – Birdy (lyrics)

Lyrics Birdy – Beautiful lies Beautiful lies. Cover my eyes with your hands. Just pretend we’re better. Turn out the light. There are no more surprises to come. Let’s be numb together. The world’s...

cieli immensi - patty pravo

Cieli immensi – Patty Pravo (testo)

Testo Patty Pravo – Cieli immensi Cosa ti aspetti che ti dica. Se la colpa non e tua. Se il ricordo fa fatica. Mentre tutto fugge via. A noi bastava solo l’amore. Il resto...