Floating – ScHoolboy lyrics

Lyrics Floating – ScHoolboy Floating lyrics Fall in this bitch, transfusion with the drip drop Sauce everywhere and got broccoli in my Ziploc Tatted on my face, no role model, that’s for Kid Bops Got it on my waist, let that shit rock, I’m floaaating Floating, I’m floaaating, floaaating, floaaating, floaaating, floaaating Floating, I’m floaaating, […]

Code of honor – Dj Esco feat. Future & Schoolboy lyrics

Lyrics Code of honor – Dj Esco Another day in my life, huh I’m proud of myself, this the longest I’ve ever kept a job I don’t care if it is workin’ at the gas station ‘Cause in two months, I get my first raise This owner, Ali, always tryin’ me though Oh my God! When […]

Electric Body – ASAP Rocky (lyrics)

Lyrics ASAP Rocky – Electric Body Yeah this year we finna make a killin’ Now the money stack up the to ceilin’ All I know is payback, all I rep is A$AP Now we finna go offend the buildin’ I can really give a fuck about your feelin’s This would be a schoolboy and a rude […]

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