say cheese

Say cheese – Teejayx6 lyrics

Lyrics Say cheese – Teejayx6 Say cheese lyrics I took a pussy nigga’s shit and made him say please I’m tryna blow up and get my videos on SayCheese How it’s lookin’ I should be rich by 18 Everybody with me strapped you gon get targeted with eight beams New season Gucci sneakers cost me […]

Say Cheese – Klyde lyrics

Lyrics Klyde – Say cheese Babe, wanna let you know. I’ve never seen a girl like you before. You’re playin’ around with your big fat booty like a domino, domino. Stop it girl I cannot breathe. You’re messin’ around like Miley. You should carry on, carry on.(say cheese) Hope you’re ready baby. You gotta take […]

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