Sasha Lopez

Vida linda – Sasha Lopez feat. Ale Blake letra

Letra Sasha Lopez – Vida linda Vida linda Go on n lemme love ya Don’t say no To paradise We young n lonely, oh yeahh Don’t say no Close your eyes. If u like what u see come n gimme that rumba It’s hot but we always stay cool in the summer And everyone […]

Moments – Sasha Lopez, Ale Blake ft. Broono

Versuri  Sasha Lopez, Ale Blake ft. Broono – Moments – It’s a beautiful life get into biology as long as you’re on top of me won’t let you out of the bedroom until i see what’s on your menu dringking all the liquor down burn this party to the ground freaky and wild, it’s getting loud […]

Catch U – Sasha Lopez si Angelika Vee

Versuri Sasha Lopez feat. Angelika Vee – Catch U Come down When you find me in the fading light Know everything gets better Fall out There is nowhere we can run and hide And all that matters Is to let us feel Tonight is do or die We let the love begin So we could […]

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