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roro - ninho

Roro – Ninho paroles

Paroles Ninho – Roro Ouais N.I Moi? J’ai tellement rêvé du disque d’or que je n’en dors plus la noche J’dirais que la vie est une grosse chienne et faut pas être en chien...

all the time - young thug

All the time – Young Thug lyrics

Lyrics Young Thug – All the time Bricks this sh*t finna kill these nigga Tampax pearl young nigga bleedin’ on your girl nigga Diamonds and pearls, I’ma go buy me the world nigga Tampax...

lottery - kid ink

Lottery – Kid Ink lyrics

Lyrics Kid Ink – Lottery Don’t shut me out Stop shuttin’ down Just let me know Everythin’ you been thinkin’ ’bout I can’t read your mind But I could read between the lines But...