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lyft - phresher

Lyft – Phresher lyrics

Lyrics Phresher – Lyft /F*ck an Uber, I pull up in a Lyft/ (x4) Stone cold, you see this brick on my wrist I tell my shooters shoot, they shoot at them hips Flying...

red mercedes - amine

Red Mercedes – Amine lyrics

Lyrics Amine – Red Mercedes With my niggas in my red Mercedes Attitude like f*ck you, pay me Rolling deeper than Adele when we go out If the ladies show up, then we show...

she lovin it - trey songz

She lovin it – Trey Songz lyrics

Lyrics Trey Songz – She lovin it She said that she didn’t wanna be loved I said, “Why the hell are you here?” She said tonight she don’t wanna be touched And if that’s...