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double body bag - curly savv

Double body bag – Curly Savv lyrics

Lyrics Curly Savv – Double body bag Yeah I understand you mad at me. For balling hard watch me do my thing. I got different shows out in different state. Puttin’ new money up...

ol thang back - juelz santana

Ol thang back – Juelz Santana lyrics

Lyrics Juelz Santana – Ol thang back Santana, where you been where you. These rap niggas is wack, I want that ol thang back. I want that old thang back. Tell ’em I want...

castro - yo gotti

Castro – Yo Gotti feat. Kanye West lyrics

Lyric Yo Gotti – Castro (Yeahhh) Castro. Whoa, whoa, whoa (yeah). Cubans on me like I’m Castro (yeah). Bitches like I’m Castro, yah. Kickin’ bitches like I’m Castro (whoa). Cuban cigar nigga. Spanish chick,...