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b.e.d. - jacquees

B.E.D. Pt. 2 – Jacquees lyrics

Lyrics Jacquees – B.E.D. Pt.2 I know you wanna ride It’s just you and me (skrt) So wet I wanna dive Like I’m in the sea (splash) We livin’ comfortably (yeah) She get addicted...

back on my bullshit - papoose

Back on my bullshit – Papoose lyrics

Lyrics Papoose – Back on my bullshit Where was you at when I was trying to blow? Waste my money on weed farms, I was trying to grow Niggas tried to eat on my...

errywhere jefe

Errywhere – Jefe lyrics

Lyrics Jefe – Errywhere B*tch I’m on now, I’m in a foreign now We don’t make it rain no more no b*tch it’s pouring down I can give my all now b*tch I’m grown...