Obsessed lyrics

Obsessed – Addison Rae lyrics

Lyrics Obsessed – Addison Rae Obsessed lyrics You turned our song down, baby, what for? You had lit candles on the dashboard Red roses growin’ out of the door Wanna say somethin’ you never said before We were drivin’ down Sunset You know I love fast cars Passed by where we first met Damn, we […]

Obsessed – Lil Yachty lyrics

Lyrics Obsessed – Lil Yachty Obsessed lyrics Why this bitch so obsessed with taking island trips? Same reason I’m so obsessed with making money flip I’m gon’ see if she fucking and that’s off the rip I’m gon’ see how she sucking I might leave a tip (Suck) I don’t miss when I aim I […]

Obsessed – Maggie Lindemann lyrics

Lyrics Obsessed – Maggie Lindemann Baby, you got something special Your body is a work of art But we got a little issue I feel your chest, but I can’t find your heart Got more muscles than the ocean Sculpted like an ancient god Full of yourself, but no emotion Yeah, I like to touch, but […]

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